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Wheel Flange Graphite Lubrication System Gujarat, India.

Wheel Flange Graphite Lubrication System

Wheel Flange Graphite Lubrication Systems

Application : Heavy Duty Crane, Transfer Car & Trolley for steel plant / chemical plant / hazardous area etc.

Lubrication of wheel flanges by high grade special graphite stick.

The life of crane wheels will increase around 2-3 times with no maintenance cost.

Special features :

This lubricant just reduces friction where two metal surfaces rub together. If you lubricate wheel flanges, there is no need to install such a hard wheel flange. You already lubricate gearboxes, motors, bearings, and many other moving parts within the plant. For some reason, most people never think of lubricating the wheel flange and side of the railhead. This is a very inexpensive way to solve a huge problem that most companies have. Replacing wheel assemblies due to flange wear is the critical maintenance problem for overhead cranes/trolleys in a steel mill and/or foundry. It is very expensive compare to dry lubrication system. The lubricant will also help greatly with track that is out of alignment.