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Gantry Crane, Single Girder Gantry Crane, Double Girder Gantry Crane, Gujarat, india

Eot, Hot, Underslung, Gantry Crane

Gantry Cranes

Type : Single Girder or Double Girder.

Capacity : 0.5T to 100T

Design standard : IS:3177, IS:4137, IS:807, IS:800 / JIS / FEM / DIN

Application for : Normal outdoor or indoor / Flame proof (Hazardous) area / Seismic Zone

Basic parameter as per client requirement : Type, Capacity, Span, Lift & Speed.

We are following Indian Standard IS:13834 for Crane Classification with respect to design effective parameters like type of load, state of loading and operation time etc.

Special features :

Highly efficiently squirrel cage motors which especially designed for crane are applied and comply with IEC/IS:325 specification with insulation F degree and start torque over 200%.

Use reputed make electromagnetic disc/drum type brake, to perform the brake torque over 250% with durable wear-resisting, long life, rapid reaction, low noise and convenient for maintenance.

Integrated motor, brake and gear box for travel motion to easy fabrication and maintenance.

Soft start and stop in travel motion suitable for DOL start motor OR Micro speed through VVVF drive.

For a long lasting, a high speed and a large capacity lifting, we utilize the eddy current speed control for a better function of initial lowering speed control. Due to eddy current is without brake lining and no touching, it is long lasting and almost trouble free.

Limit switches provided on each motion to prevent accident.

Storm anchoring device use for outdoor application.

Crab/Trolley Unit : It contains up/down hoisting and left/right traversing building together in the unit. Sometimes has main and secondary hoisting in the unit. Welding of crab frame is using structure steel. A layout of crab trolley is based on available space for an easier maintenance and a safety handrail is included.

Girder: Girder's design is based on major standard requirements. It takes safe working load, girder span, application surrounding and class of usage into considerations.

Electric Feeder System: We are using ‘C’ rail / Drag chain / ’T’ Track festoon system as per client requirement.